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BITCOIN 101: Hard Fork vs Altcoin

The most recent Bitcoin hard fork occurred last August 1, a lot of questions are arising regarding its nature. Why does Bitcoin Cash have to be a variant of the main Bitcoin chain and not just be its own altcoin? Let us discuss what differentiates a hard fork from an...

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BITCOIN 101: Common Bitcoin Jargons

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are difficult to understand for people that are new to the technology. There are lots of jargons used in this field that might confuse you. You have most likely heard of the terms block, mining, faucet before. We will explain what these...

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BITCOIN 101: What is Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin? It was the first type of cryptocurrency ever created. Unlike conventional currency, it is neither printed nor regulated by one single entity. Instead of being minted, Bitcoin is produced by computer software by solving complicated algorithms in a...

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The first thing that you have to do to improve your finances, is to know what step on the ladder of financial freedom you’re currently at.