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One Peso A Day is a website dedicated to promoting financial literacy and helping people improve their personal cash flow. We’ll teach you tips and tricks on how to start investing in stocks, bonds, real estate, cryptocurrency, and other investment instruments. We’ll help you make your money work for you.



Investing 101: Different Types of Risk

You often hear the old cliche "The higher the return the higher the risk" from financial experts. That's because no legitimate investment instrument exists without risk. There is always a risk in everything. Even the simple act of riding a bike has the risk that you...

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Shopify: Create an Online Store Without Coding

Do you have a product you want to sell? Or maybe you want to expand your retail store to a wider audience, possibly even have a global reach. You have probably realized that constantly posting your products on a social media site such as Facebook is not scalable....

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BITCOIN 101: Hard Fork vs Altcoin

The most recent Bitcoin hard fork occurred last August 1, a lot of questions are arising regarding its nature. Why does Bitcoin Cash have to be a variant of the main Bitcoin chain and not just be its own altcoin? Let us discuss what differentiates a hard fork from an...

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The first thing that you have to do to improve your finances, is to know what step on the ladder of financial freedom you’re currently at.