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How to Be Financially Prepared For a Recession

Recessions can drastically affect the economy of entire countries. This can lead to massive unemployment and rise in the cost of goods. Are you taking steps to ensure you are ready? Here are steps to make sure you are financially prepared for a recession. What is a...

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FIFFO: Philippine Cryptocurrency Ponzi Scheme

I am a big supporter of cryptocurrencies. I have even made a post on how to buy Bitcoin, click HERE if you haven't read that yet. The sad thing is, however, that scammers have now moved on to using cryptocurrencies as a means to lure in victims to their Ponzi Schemes....

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How to Puchase Stocks In the Philippines

Stocks are one of the main types of investment instruments. It has a higher risk than others but the returns are also higher. We will discuss two main ways to invest in stocks in the Philippines. Namely, investing in index funds and purchasing the stocks yourselves...

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The first thing that you have to do to improve your finances, is to know what step on the ladder of financial freedom you’re currently at.